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We break down barriers and facilitate borderless connections, creating a global network where collaboration drives success.
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Best global opportunities within Web3, Blockchain, Crypto, Gaming, Media, Emerging Tech and more.

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Paweł Kostyra
Web Developer
Straight to the point - my life changed after meeting Dan. He was able to find a perfect company for my skills and provide all the necessary details for both sites. After two months of looking and finding nothing by myself, Dan was able to propose more than one position, that fitted me perfectly. During the recruitment process, Dan provided me with constant updates. Besides that, Dan is very communicative, professional person. I highly recommend putting your skills into his hands - he knows where you can utilize them the best!
Yahya Oukharta
Software Developer
I had the best experience finding my dream job as a Junior Backend Developer with Dan (Priority Crypto Jobs), not only he will give you all the time and attention to answer all your questions, but will also help you find the best job for you no matter your level or experience, all that matters is your skills. A great example for all recruiters in the world.
Klaudia Shabani
Social Media Marketing Expert
I definitely recommend Dan! He has found the perfect solutions for me in relation to my skills! He is a perfect matcher and has never failed me in the last years! I'm very positive he will find what you're looking for!
Chris Banbury
Web3 CEO, Mentor & Educator
Dan is a standup guy who cuts through the BS and gets things done. No smoke and mirrors. Just great service and dedication. Highly recommended!
Matt Bulbul
Lead Product Designer
I highly recommend Dan for his exceptional talent and professionalism. He played a crucial role in helping me secure a position at Artisse. Throughout the hiring process, he demonstrated incredible efficiency and provided invaluable guidance, making the experience smooth and seamless. Dan is a true job finisher, and his dedication to excellence is evident in all he does. Working with him was a pleasure, and I have no doubt that he would be an asset to any team or organization.
Sara Simeone
CEO & Co-Founder at Niftyz
I have had the pleasure of knowing Dan for a couple of years now, and I have been consistently impressed with his work ethic, dedication, and passion for the Web3 ecosystem. And of course, Dan is a true expert in the recruitment field, and he has a deep understanding of the needs of both candidates and employers.
Filip Maloča
Web3 Marketing Manager
Was great working with Dan. He knew exactly with whom to connect me with. Guided me through the process, it went smoothly and I had a new role in almost no time.
Ahilleas Papantos
Chief Growth Officer | AZYT
Daniel and his team were instrumental in us successfuly finding an accomplished candidate to take the mantle of CEO within our company. Dan was rigirous in his due diligence of each candidate presented and available throughout the entire process for extra consultation. I never thought an recruitment process could be enjoyable, but Dan and his team made it so. Highly recommended!
Dane Hoy
Managing Partner | Master Ventures
Anders has been a pinnacle asset at Master Ventures when it comes directly to executive search and objective consulting management. He has initiated several introductions to both traditional and crypto-based C-Level executives which we have taken on to be a part of our Venture Studio. We highly recommend working with Anders and are happy to back Priority Crypto as a key partner.
Carl Roegind
Co-Founder & CEO | Kasta
Having worked with the team at Priority Crypto for a while now I can wholeheartedly recommend them to fill any role in the Crypto space. They have successfully filled roles for us in Marketing, Development and Compliance. Committing to a retainer has paid dividends for us. We look forward to an ongoing partnership.


Global recruitment, made easy.
Offer & Aftercare Support
Guiding you through the offer stage and ensuring a smooth transition to the successful candidates start date. We will of course be on hand to provide any support you may need after the process is complete.
Interview Stage
We will facilitate the arrangements so you can spend your valuable time in other areas. Share your availability with us and we will take care of the rest, ensuring that candidates are well prepared and presented to the interview.
Headhunt, Qualify & Presenting Suitable Prospects
We will work tirelessly to identify and interview candidates via video calls. We are experts in questioning and building personable relationships to ensure as many of your boxes are ticked! We will present you CVs/portfolios/GitHubs depending on their skillset, allowing you to make informed decisions on their suitability.
Discussing Your Requirements
We want to get to know you, company culture and your requirements to ensure we understand precisely how to build your team with the most suited candidates.


Daniel Franklin
Head of Emerging Tech
Dan is the Head of Priority Crypto, covering Emerging Tech, Blockchain, NFTs & Web3.
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Daniel Franklin
Head of Emerging Tech

He is a seasoned recruitment consultant with over 20 years of experience in the industry. But before he fell into recruitment, there are few things he didn't try: Dan first trained as a chef, later moved on to front-of-house management, and then owned and operated bars, restaurants, and clubs in the UK and Greece. He has also been a club and radio DJ, and has hosted a weekly conspiracy-themed radio show that aired in six countries.

With his multi-faceted hospitality experience, Dan quickly became the sector's go-to recruiter, placing countless professionals into hotels, restaurants, and bars across the UK over two decades. He joined Priority Recruitment in 2020 and initially managed the Hospitality & Healthcare desks before moving on to head the new Priority Crypto division which he has quickly accelerated to the international force it is today.

Dan leads a global team that connects top talent with innovative companies within the crypto and Web3 spaces. He enjoys getting to make perfect matches in this international community and working within the dynamic, constantly evolving market of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Kieron Smithson
Operations Director
Kieron is the Operations Director at Priority Crypto, Retail & Sales, HR & Operations.
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Kieron Smithson
Operations Director

His impressive professional career began with 13 years in retail & sales, where he worked in senior management positions and gained invaluable experience in people management and a proven record of bringing the best out of staff reporting to him. In 2013, Kieron moved on to work in recruitment. After specialising in a variety of sectors including sales, marketing, HR, and operations, he joined Priority Recruitment in 2016.

As a seasoned recruitment consultant and a CIPD Level 5 qualification holder, Kieron manages the teams across Sales & Retail, HR & Operations, and Crypto desks. In addition to recruiting, he is responsible for internal people management and ongoing training and acts as the Data Protection Officer for the business.
Kieron's favourite part of recruitment is the ability to change people's minds and expose them to career moves or hires they might not have considered themselves.

Click here to find the most convenient way to talk to Kieron.

Danny Clooney
Recruitment Resourcer
Danny is a Recruitment Resourcer on our Crypto team.
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Danny Clooney
Recruitment Resourcer

He graduated from Business Management with Spanish at the University of Liverpool in 2022. Stemming from his personal interest in the blockchain, crypto & web3 industries he joined Priority Crypto in July 2022.

Through his agility and hard work, Danny has also come on board the Retail & Sales team, where he has been recruiting talented salespeople into the next steps in their careers.

One thing Danny enjoys about recruitment is the ability to build new relationships with people every day and help them find their perfect job.

Julia Krawcewicz
Head of Marketing
Julia is responsible for all marketing activity at the Priority Recruitment group.
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Julia Krawcewicz
Head of Marketing

Julia is a recruitment marketing specialist with experience of developing brand and marketing strategies for recruitment agencies within a range of markets, including Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Sales, Legal, Manufacturing, Engineering & Digital.

She didn't plan to fall into recruitment and certainly not into recruitment marketing, a niche she barely knew existed when she graduated from a Filmmaking (BA) course at Manchester School of Art. Yet this odd, unique industry accepted her with open arms as a 21-year-old and continues to fascinate her today.

With her filmmaking background, the aspects of marketing that come to Julia most naturally are the ones most focused on storytelling, so her specialism lies within branding, marketing strategy, social media management, and content creation. She also comes with her own photo- and videography kit, making her the self-appointed In-House Photographer at Priority Recruitment.

Recruitment is a people business and that's one thing that's always on her mind. In addition to being a skilled marketer, she also has an impressive record in internal talent acquisition, line management, and building and managing both marketing and recruitment teams.

Julia joined Priority Recruitment in December 2022 and is responsible for creating and implementing our entire brand & marketing strategy.

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