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Can Metaverse technology enhance human-AI efficiency?

Metaverse is a 3D virtual world accessed via a VR headset. Users can navigate this world through eye movements, voice commands, and feedback controllers.

AI applications include smart assistants such as Alexa, self-driving cars, conversational bots, robo-advisors, email spam filters, and now Metaverse. As a result, the question of how AI forms the metaverse is a regular topic in the tech world. With a headset, users can feel the immersive world and see how the Metaverse works. People interact with each other through avatars and participate in activities such as games and shopping.

XR has created an unprecedented virtual world. Blockchain brings decentralisation, leading to centralised government agencies, transparency, and the elimination of irreversible transactions.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a core component of the Metaverse, are blockchain products. All objects in the Metaverse (lands, vehicles, ships, gifts) are also basically NFTs. Removing the NFT causes the Metaverse to crash.

With Metaverse's artificial intelligence, you can overcome obstacles such as poor interactive quality and create new products such as live virtual conferencing. It complements Metaverse's intuitive interface and predictive capabilities. Not only will this make Avatar's life easier, but it will also make the game more dynamic, interactive more attractive, and make the enterprise more successful.

As technology, VR and AR in the previous era had limitations such as a lack of visibility around them and limited graphics. Activities in the Metaverse are not as attractive as in the real world or regular online games. Autonomy is another aspect that many Metaverse's struggle with. In the early stages of the Metaverse, there was not enough technical sophistication and rhythm to create the right use cases to sustain the economy.

Thanks to advances in VR and AR, and the integration of Metaverse and AI, there are more use cases and more opportunities for monetisation. Like other new technologies, Metaverse faces acceptance issues, which are beginning to change in projects such as Decentraland (MANA), The Sandbox (SAND), and now MeetKai Metaverse.

Decentraland allows participants to buy and sell virtual properties while exploring exciting games. Sandbox provides a gaming ecosystem that allows users to create, share and monetise their game assets, and Meetkai integrates with AI to create a more realistic metaverse than in the real world.

The advanced integration of XR and AI technologies has created a more engaging virtual world, increasing recruitment and subsequent revenue for everyone involved in the ecosystem.

Voice Assistant AI has begun its path to a new era of the metaverse, supporting use cases such as lifestyle support and personalised recommendations. For example, instead of driving to a travel agency's office or talking to overwhelming customer service, users jump to the Metaverse and tour some great places with the help of AI-powered bots.

The natural language processing of the Metaverse makes it more personal than the real world. Voice AI can interpret avatar requests in a more human and natural language, taking into account individual tastes and preferences.

Language techniques are more contextual and personalised, and in the process, the Metaverse interface is smarter. For example, Meetkai's first AI concierge, Kai, provided voice assistance as easily as talking to a friend. Request a "steak" recipe by saying "Hey Kai, can you find a good recipe?" And you will get the most delicious beef steak recipe in the world in seconds.

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