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10 Years at Priority Recruitment!

Every successful story has a starting point, ours started in 2012.

Every successful story has a starting point, ours started in 2012. Very quickly, we became one of the fastest-growing specialists within the retail, healthcare, finance, and IT industries and most recently the crypto industry.

In 2022, we made it 10 years down the journey to our 10th anniversary!  Nevertheless, we've had tough times but got up and continued to hit the ground running. The hard times only made us stronger as a company and as a team. Amongst all, COVID happened and hit the world badly. However, we are grateful we got to have our third outing ever since the lockdown.

It was a great get-together filled with fun and laughter, creating the right atmosphere for team bonding. We kicked off our Anniversary with a visit to the Flight club at the heart of Manchester, we had a great time dart-throwing, grabbing some beer, and having the time of our lives. Shortly after, we left the Flight club for the Box Restaurant. We had some food and of course, got the opportunity to show everyone our dance moves, we are pretty good dancers.


We ended the evening by watching a football match between Manchester and Liverpool, Manchester, emerging as the winner. A not so happy ending for some members of the team who are strong supporters of Liverpool. Celebrating our 10th anniversary was rollercoaster fun. Indeed, an exciting moment to blow off some steam and bond with our amazing team members.

For the years to come, we look forward to more wins and happy moments for the team and our cherished clients.

November 25, 2022
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