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Lights, Camera, Action! Top 4 Super Bowl Commercials That Stole the Show This Year

As the confetti settled on the 2024 Super Bowl, our team at Priority Crypto was buzzing about something else entirely: the commercials.

Lights, Camera, Action! Top 4 Super Bowl Commercials ThatStole the Show This Year

As the confetti settled on the 2024 Super Bowl, our team at Priority Crypto was buzzing about something else entirely: the commercials. While millions tuned in for the sports spectacle, we were glued to the marketing strategies and brand stories unfolding during those precious 30-second breaks.


Think about it

As experts in tech, marketing, and blockchain recruiting, we see these commercials as more than just entertainment. They're goldmines of insights into captivating storytelling, strategic messaging, and ultimately, attracting top talent. Our goal is to connect top talent with leading companies in the tech and blockchain space, so creating an engaging dialogue is always at the forefront of our communication.

Just like those ads aimed to leave a lasting impression on viewers, companies need to craft compelling employer branding to snag the best candidates in a fiercely competitive market. And with millions on the line for a Super Bowl ad, the pressure's on to showcase brand values and stand out from the crowd.


We’ve handpicked some of our favourite ads from this year’s Super Bowl and ranked our top 4 best ads and the message that each brand is trying to show their viewers:

 1. State Farm: Arnold's Delivery Dilemmas:

In State Farm’s Super Bowl ad, Arnold Schwarzenegger appears as ‘agent State Farm,’ an action hero who rescues puppies and pregnant women from burning buildings. A real superhero. The commercial is constantly interrupted by the director who wants him to pronounce ‘neighbour’ with a ‘bur’ not a ‘bah’. Schwarzenegger continues pronouncing words that rhyme with ‘neighbour’ in his Austrian accent. The message we took from it was that StateFarm caters to all people, accents and walks of life. This ad was our top choice for simple but effective and highlights how diversity is key to creating a great product, ensuring it is available and caters to everyone.

 2. Dunkin': Bennifer Reunites (with Donuts):

Ben Affleck, Tom Brady and Matt Damon joined forces to form a boy band ‘The DunKings’. Affleck takes steps to try to get himself ready for a performance and show his new ‘DunKings’ boy band to his wife. It was a great way to stand out against competitors like Tim Hortons, Krispy Kreme or IHOP by making and promoting custom affiliate merchandise products like their custom hat, Dunking’ tracksuit sold at $60 each which sold out minutes after the commercial aired.

 3. Verizon: Break the Internet:

Beyoncé starred in a Verizon ad that featured her attempting to ‘break the internet.’ The ad shows Beyoncé in several scenarios mentioning newsworthy events, each one bigger than the last one, in an attempt to ‘break the internet’. Her last attempt goes as far as including a ‘live concert from outer space’ but despite all her ideas, she’s still unsuccessful at breaking Verizon’s internet. The ad ended ends with Beyoncé alluding to dropping new music, which I’m sure the Beehive fans went crazy for! It was a great use of influencer marketing to portray how Verizon’s connection goes beyond the norm and using Beyonce whose talent equally exceeds the traditional norms.

 4. CeraVe: Michael’s Special Cream:

Michael Cera blessed our screens by teaming up with the brand CeraVe to promote the brand in a humorous way. Clips of Micheal Ceraholding popular CeraVe products in different scenarios explaining how CeraVe was the ‘best cream’ and its nourishing benefits. CeraVe’s idea stemmed from TikTok and memes that suggested it was Michael Cera who created the brand given his similar surname (he did not). So, for CeraVe it was a unique way to gain attention by capitalising off of this social media uproar and creating hype around both the brand and celebrity. 



These are just a few examples! Each commercial offered a unique perspective and by analysing these diverse strategies, we can gain valuable insights to help our clients craft their own impactful stories and attract top talent. Whether that be through influencer marketing or using emotion to reach their audience, it’s definitely something to watch if you haven’t seen them yet.


Historical Significance:

Even big names like Larry David can get tricked! His Super Bowl ad in 2022 promoting FTX based on a ‘don't miss out’ catchphrase later backfired as the crypto trading platform collapsed, stealing over $470 million worth of users’ money. Recently, Larry David said he regrets doing the ad and admits he didn’t do enough research on the security and reliability of the platform before doing it. So remember, not all Super Bowl commercials succeed, sometimes with costly consequences.


So, the next time you catch a Super Bowl commercial, remember, that it's not just about selling products or services.

And that's exactly where we come in. If you're ready to take your tech or marketing company to the next level with a winning team, let's huddle up! Our recruitment services are designed to help you build a championship team that scores big every time.


Contact us today and let's get your game plan started!

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