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Meta Platforms Unveils Human-Like AI Model for Image Analysis

Meta Platforms has announced its new artificial intelligence (AI) model, I-JEPA.

Meta Platforms has announced its new artificial intelligence (AI) model, I-JEPA, which boasts human-like reasoning capabilities for analysing and completing unfinished images.

Unlike other generative AI models that rely on nearby pixels, I-JEPA uses background knowledge about the world to fill in missing pieces of images, resulting in fewer errors such as extra fingers on hands.

As the owner of Facebook and Instagram, Meta is known for its open-sourced AI research through its in-house research lab. CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes that sharing models developed by Meta's researchers can benefit the company by driving innovation, identifying safety gaps, and reducing costs.

Despite concerns from industry leaders about the potential dangers of AI technology, Meta's top AI scientist, Yann LeCun, advocates for building safety checks into AI systems to mitigate risks. Meta is also integrating generative AI features into its consumer products, such as ad tools that create image backgrounds and an Instagram product that modifies user photos based on text prompts.

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