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Warner Music Group has teamed up with OpenSea

In an effort to increase Web3 opportunities for artists, Warner Music Group has teamed up with OpenSea.

Warner Music Group (WMG), a worldwide music and entertainment company, has partnered with OpenSea, the world's most popular peer-to-peer NFT market, to provide a platform for select WMG artists to build their fan communities in Web3. OpenSea's new drop product will be accessible to WMG artists early on, along with improved discoverability, personalised storytelling on custom landing pages, and OpenSea's industry-leading safety and security features.  

OpenSea will also provide dedicated assistance and best practices to help WMG artists build new Web3 communities and introduce existing fan communities to novel forms of connection and creativity based on NFTs. Artists will be able to host limited-edition projects on their own drop pages, opening new opportunities for fans to interact with music and artists.

Oana Ruxandra, Chief Digital Officer & EVP, BusinessDevelopment, WMG, said, “Community is at the core of music’s DNA,”because fans and musicians come together to celebrate the music they love. With OpenSea’s help, we’re able to unlock Web3 tools and resources to enable artists to create deeper engagement, access, and ownership in their communities.”

Shiva Rajaraman, OpenSea’s VicePresident of Product, agrees. “This technology enables artists and musicians to express themselves across borders and languages in a new creative medium.” We are thrilled to work with a partner that understands the significance of NFT technology and wants to use it for good,” Rajaraman says. “With the support and infrastructure we provide, we’re looking forward to welcoming the Warner family of artists into the NFT ecosystem.”

Probably Nothing is collaborating with Warner Music UK to create the first Web3 collection. In the last few years,Warner Music’s industry-leading approach has led to partnerships with several prominent Web3 players.This new alliance is the latest in a series of efforts to expand the company’s expertise in the sector.



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