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Working as a Blockchain developer? Is it worth it?

Blockchain technology is one of the most innovative sectors in high demand and rewarding incentives. Blockchain development has become one of the highest paying jobs in the technological sector.

The salaries are typically dependent on qualifications, experience, and skills. With results from blockchain developer platforms, some key figures have been identified. On Blockchain developers are paid as much as roughly $150,550 annually. The higher end of the salary is roughly $158k and the lower end is roughly $145k depending on the current market.

To gain perspective on the different salaries earned by blockchain developers, a geographical approach must be considered according to location. suggests that companies based in the US specifically San Francisco pay the most around roughly $169k annually. This is most likely due to the well-known tech community and a considerably higher cost of living.

When considering these locations, bear in mind that you do not necessarily have to live in these areas to get a high-paying wage. Blockchain work is mostly remote-friendly, so it is making competition very competitive and creating opportunities to developers globally. The remote style of work in blockchain mainly allows companies to hire outside of their environment which can potentially lead to new strategies and ideas that can be implemented. By collaborating remotely, it allows for the introduction of global resources, new perspectives, and new skill sets.

of Large corporations such as Walmart, Facebook, Google, and Amazon have all incorporated or plan to use blockchain integration. Google’s Query service supports the Ethereum smart contracts analytics allowing the authorisation of Ethereum transactions. Amazon manages their blockchain service on AWS, on June 1st, 2020, Amazon announced they were seeking patents in Blockchain for a supply chain. Facebook has its own libra Blockchain, and although faced with challenges they are in the makings of their own cryptocurrency. Walmart has also distributed letter technology, undergoing research with their supply chain.

There are several uses for Blockchain technology however, the biggest sector is its financial uses of it:

Cryptocurrency: According to Blockchain powers most or all of the cryptocurrencies. Some have their own blockchain and some are built using other blockchains that support custom tokens such as Ethereum.

Payments: Websites and applications enable users to make purchases using cryptocurrency. Blockchain developers can implement solutions to support the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

DeFi: DeFi is taking already existing products and transferring them to blockchain, for example, savings, loans, and trading.

Other popular uses of blockchain which are still being tested and carried out are sectors including gaming, supply chain, real estate, and healthcare.

If you are a new developer in the Blockchain industry the most recommended platform to use is Ethereum. It is a general-purpose blockchain meaning it supports most uses that support smart contracts with the most active developer community. Ethereum also has high levels of active users. Bitcoin and Hy.perledger are recommended for people who specifically need to use specific protocols for example if you are a developer and need to accept bitcoin payments then the Bitcoin platform is advised. Starting with Ethereum is useful because developer tools are very important. Avoid using a blockchain platform with no support, Ethereum has a lot of resources and support for growth.

Some of the most popular programming languages in blockchain development are Solidity, JavaScript, Python, Go, Rust, and C++. For first-starter developers, Solidity and JavaScript are recommended as it is common for developers to learn front-end languages and back-end languages. Solidity will be the back end and JavaScript will be the front end. However, if you have your eyes set on a specific role then focus on the role but best to focus on these two.

Python is also a powerful language, but it cannot be able to use to build mobile apps or clients that have applications that easily. Go, rust and C++ are more low-level infrastructure and different smart contracts platforms.

Depending on the skills you have and how quickly you can adapt to the programming languages it can take between 1 month to a year, but it ultimately depends on the learner. When learning the different languages, you can opt to learn blockchain as your first language. It is highly recommended, as it’s the most efficient and effective way to add skills as you excel in the long term. On the other hand, users may choose to only learn what the essential tools are to specialise in specific sectors.

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